2nd Update

2009-11-25 06:20:29 by mitosis

Well, this is my 2nd update. Hella shit goin on right now. Finally got scouted that was pretty cool. Felt bad about it tho since I didn't put anything up so there's a new pic I put up. Workin on a few animations and tryin to work on this hip hop style game based off the rap group I'm in. (I'm the dj/producer while my two friends are MC's. I need a badass coder, hopefully one that likes hip hop. Lol. It's supposed to be a beat em up style with cool specials and what not. It would've made a great PO3 game but whatever. Check the new pic, if anyone ever reads this. It's cool to blab about shit. Laters.



2009-07-08 22:30:31 by mitosis

Here's An Update Of My Submission For The Marvel Collab Hosted By JKAmovies. I Should Have Drawn Something More Simple. This Detail Is Killing Me. Heh. Anyways I Gotta Keep Working, Stay Tuned Kids-